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Olivia Byard began publishing poems in the late eighties. In 1993 she began creative writing workshops for OUDCE (Oxford University Department for Continuing Education), part of the University of Oxford, and subsequently taught there for 23 years.  She also taught for Reading Department for Extended Education, and as a tutor for Stanford in Oxford.

Olivia has a number of critically acclaimed works published including the following:

From a Benediction (Peterloo Poets) was nominated for the first book Forward Prize.

Strange Horses, (Flambard Press, 2011), received excellent reviews  and was cited by The Telegraph as one of the best recent collections.

The Wilding Eye, New and Selected Poems, (The Worple Press, 2015), became a New Statesman recommended read accompanied by an enthusiastic review.

As well as the UK, Olivia Byard has also published in Ireland, Australia, Canada and most recently the USA, including the Sewanee Review (Fall 2016) and on the US Hypertexts site and has appeared in several anthologies.


Her sense of urgency about the need to build a kinder, more connected and sustainable world, has led to the publication of many letters in the Guardian.  She also publishes comments on line.

She is available for readings and talks.         

Olivia Byard, photograph taken in 1974